Mother Teresa

Service and Love

Mother Teresa loved and served
like no other.

She said this about Love and Service:


To serve is to live
  To live is to serve
  To serve is to Love
  To Love is to serve

  God is Love.
  To serve is to Love God
  To Love God is to serve

The Fruit of Service is Peace.

  The fruit of silence is prayer
  The fruit of prayer is faith
  The fruit of faith is Love
  The fruit of Love is service
  The fruit of service is peace

  From the abundance of the heart
  —the mouth speaks.

  If your heart is full of Love
  —you will speak of Love.

  I want you to fill your hearts
with great Love.

  —Mother Teresa

Image Source:
Illustration by Gerald Henry from
“Testaments to Truth” series—1997

The joy of service radiates from the faces
of our volunteers as they share their love
on Christmas day 2006